Flora Luna, whose real name is Geneviève Freynet, has been carving out her place on the national stage since the inception of her project in December 2021. As a semi-finalist in the prestigious Grand Concours at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby and winner of Chant’Ouest in 2022, she has also performed at a number of festivals, including the Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac, the Coup de coeur francophone festival as opening act for Vincent Vallières, the Festival du Voyageur and the TD International Winnipeg Jazz Festival, among others. She is the recipient of the Réseau des grands espaces/Festival Les oreilles en pointe (in France) award, which will launch her international career in 2024. Geneviève is also the voice of the family duo, Freynet.

Through her music, she evokes the calm before a prairie storm: an electric charge in the air, a brooding tension, an uncertain atmosphere. Effortlessly and passionately, she seamlessly transitions between melodies ranging from jazz to folk, and from pop to rock, performing in both French and English. All the while, she skillfully accompanies herself on both the piano and the guitar.

Flora Luna releases her debut single in September 2023, followed by her first EP in 2024. It is through this album that Geneviève Freynet opens up to herself. We step into her intimate world, sometimes edgy, but above all, honest, self-assured, and resonating, much like her gaze and her voice. Her songs reflect her profound sensitivity to the world around her, and from the first notes, she captivates her audience with her enchanting and expressive voice that oscillates between gentle tones, passionate bursts, and pure emotion.