With Flora Luna, Geneviève Freynet brings her audience into a universe that is intimate, sometimes edgy, but above all, candid, assertive and resonant, much like her gaze and her voice. 

Through her music, she evokes the calm before a prairie storm: an electric charge in the air, a brooding tension, an uncertain atmosphere. 

Accompanying herself on the piano and the guitar, she sings pop-jazz melodies in both French and English effortlessly and with passion. With her captivating voice, she casts a piercing look at our times. Her creativity comes when everything is peaceful, and Flora Luna is the fruit of the nocturnal work of a brilliant artist who stands tall and is authentic.

Geneviève is the lead voice of the family duo, Freynet. She teaches singing and offers songwriting workshops. She loves everything about musical creation, from writing and arranging songs to recording and producing them. Without music, there would be an immense void in her life. Years of studies, scholarships, awards and accomplishments are not lacking. With Flora Luna, Geneviève introduces her audience to her secret garden.